Does every sale help a Veteran?

Great question, A portion of all proceeds goes towards changing a veterans’ life. 100% of any Donations goes towards helping the next Veteran!

What if my garment doesn’t fit?

Visit the refund-Policy page for a return label, once we receive we will mail replacement garment within 24 hours.

What types of requirements are you looking for in a Veteran?

Must be an upstanding citizen, willing to sign our contract. Other than that we are looking forward to hearing from our customers

What types of things will change the Veteran’s Life? 

IE: Roof, Vehicle, Housing upgrades, medical equipment we are not limited.

How do I become a distributor of OP1Vet Gear?

Contact ed@op1vet.com or call him at 574-536-5536

Does OP1Vet.com do custom work or print for events?

Yes, we have complete co-op programs to accommodate any event or charity, again email ed@op1vet.com for details.