Our Veterans

Videos of all our Veterans that YOUR help allowed us to give Track Chairs! Since 2019!

Here is just a few of the veterans that YOU have allowed us to help! Portion of every purchase goes towards helping a veteran!

From our March 26th, 2022 Event!

  Two more Veterans that received TrackChairs from OP1VET. With all of your help we was able to give Joe Reed – USMC Veteran and Chad Kueser – US Army and US Navy Veteran these chairs!

Click to watch these deserving Veterans receive their chairs!

Hog Hunt for Leon Smith – US Army, Joseph Jenson and others went along. Check out the video of the hunt below!


2021 Sturgis, SD. Hog hunt for 1 Veteran and 2 Veterans got Action Track Wheel Chairs! OP1VET helping 1 Veteran at a time!!

Changing the life of one veteran at a time.

Click on the video below and see how WE helped Danny Jones!

A huge THANK YOU to Happy Sappy Films, for making this video for us!!

Danny Jones

Thank you for helping us to help Cory and Odin!

With all your help we were able to do a part in helping! Thank you!